Thursday, May 28, 2009

Procrastination! AWWWWW!

OMG! I am the biggest procrastinator! I am even driving my self crazy. I have so much to do. I have to do 6 drawings and I counted the days I have free and I only have about a total of 30 days. About 10 days in June my mom and I are going to NY, three weeks in July Grant will be here and then one weekend I will be in Austin visiting my good friend Andrea, and the first part of August I will be in Bonneville awwwwwww!
In the mean time my mom and I are completely re doing our rooms all her old antique furniture is coming into my room to make it a guest room and all my furniture is either getting sold or moved around the house. Thank god we are doing all this while my dad is fishing cause I have a feeling if he was here he would be asking all sorts of questions hahahhaha.
We are also painting her room and getting new carpet and I will be helping with the whole process. Later I will post some pics of all the crap-o-la that we are getting rid of plus all the different furniture that is in my room.
My mom is in class now but will be home soon so we can continue with the huge switch a roo.

If I look at these pictures it helps me realize that I really did accomplish a lot, You can compare my room to the photos I put up in previous blogs like the one from the 24th.


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