Sunday, May 24, 2009

Visiting with Family

Today is Sunday the 24th in CA. For some reason the date is off on the blog header but I will not change it cause I will be back in NZ so who cares. Today we went and visited my cousins Lacey and Kristen at Lacey's new house. The house is really nice and I got to meet her little baby DEAN. He is so cute and calm especially compared to Ryder who was there visiting over night.
Below is a pic of Kathleen and Dean.

Ryder and Dean

From left to right is Nick(Kristen's BF),Lacey, Brandon(Lacey's husband),Chad(Brandon's brother who rents a room from them), me, and Kristen.

The three cousins eating pizza
Below is my aunt Kathleen(Dean's grandma and Lacey and Kristen's mom) and my aunt Lisa(Ryder's Grandma)

Ryder on the bike

Brandon took Ryder for a ride around the yard

He loved it!
Later in the day my mom and I went shopping at the Mall and I was able to find a really cute dress for Amanda's wedding that is next weekend.


beeswax said...

Everyone is happy to see you Shannon. It's good to see all the kids together again. You are doing a great job at keeping up with the blogging.

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