Monday, May 4, 2009

A weekend up north!

Friday around 7pm we drove to Doubtless Bay to Grant's bach. We didn't arrive till 11pm and had a little trouble finding the key but we figured it out, thank god I brought a flash light!
We stayed till Sunday and then drove home. The weather was really nice and sunny, warm in the sun cool in the shade, but nothing like the summer.

View outside the bach

Saturday morning after breakfast
Me at Grants Bach

Cape Reinga the very tip top of NZ

Sunday morning

Taupo Bay on the way home

Grant eating the eggs and toast I made him because I am soo nice.


beeswax said...

Good blog and nice to see the very northern tip of New Zealand. Looks like you two had a nice get-away. You're lucky his dad has that little vacation home. TWO MORE WEEKS!
Love, MOM

Anonymous said...

I sat in front of the TV all weekend. I wonder who had more fun?


Lacey said...

oh my gosh it is so beautiful there! i can totally hear a little accent in your voice =) hurry home, your mom has ants in her pants

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