Wednesday, June 17, 2009

A beautiful sunny day!

Like the title says today is beautiful! It is nice and sunny, but not really hot at the same time! This morning so far I got up early which was surprising because I stayed up late last night trying to call Grant, but sadly never got through. Waking up and knowing you will get stuff done is great! I did the Shred DVD Level 2 (for some reason it seems even harder then the first time lol), my mom and I went to the gym and then came home and got ready to go meet Lynn and Sophia for lunch.
Talking with Colby last night has got me thinking about a lot of stuff! It is cool to talk to someone who is starting thier own business and who pretty much has a lot of the same interests that I have. The talk has planted a series of thoughts in my brain that are rapidly multiplying. Before I left for NZ a year ago I had met with a few different people to discuss different ideas but becasue I was moving to another country and was contracted to be a nanny for a year I put everything on hold but being here has brought it all back into focus! Hmmmm there is a lot to think about!


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