Sunday, June 14, 2009

Final Furniture Arrangement

This morning my mom and I dismantled my old bed and took it to the garage to try to sell it. Later in the day we went down to the gym and looked in a few stores for nothing in particular. For lunch I had a really good salad at Chipotle, a really spicy Mexican fast food place. Thank goodness I didn't put the dressing on cause it was so spicy I would not have been able to eat the salad. When back from the stores I did my shred DVD and half way through the back of my leg really started to hurt like a pulled muscle or something so I stopped pushing myself so hard through the jumping parts. In the afternoon we quickly ran over to the NHRA museum to get one of the photos approved for me to draw, and then back at home we went for a walk and then assembled the antique furniture. My room looks so good now! The only thing left to do is hang the mirror over the dresser and rearrange some of the art.

P.S. Tomorrow will be my first time trying out the shred DVD on level two! I will tell you all how it goes. (Apparently Lacey is going to do level 2 too, we will have to compare notes)
Tomorrow TO DO List
  • Gym
  • Shred
  • Start new drawing
  • try on outfits for NY aka pack
  • Do whatever comes along(there's always something)


Lacey said...

The room looks really pretty. I love all the colors. I thought you were trying level 2 today (Monday)? I hope I don't die 10 minutes through it haha. You are so good doing the shred and going to the gym!

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