Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Freak storm

First off I hope Kristen had a happy birthday yesterday and didn't drink to much! Sorry we missed it but my mom got a migraine and I didn't want to drive really far by my self.

Last night there was a weird lightning storm. I got up to go to the bathroom and just as I was walking back into my room thunderstruck so I stood in my door way because it really felt and sounded like an earth quake. Then when I realized what it was I got back in bed and sort of laughed imagining what I looked like half asleep standing in the door way, wondering how everyone could sleep though it all. Anyways this morning I went to the gym and the freak storm continued. My list for today is half accomplished (granted it is not a long list).

Finish second drawing(should take most of day) = Still need to work on probably won't finish today
work out take eye drops and pills = done
do not take much caffeine = done only half a cup coffee
After I worked out I stayed in my junk clothes for the day and my mom and I went grocery store shopping and for lunch we got some Frozen yogurt at Golden Spoon yum yum! That is one thing that is really missing in NZ!

The Freak storm washed up this random boat in out front yard! hahaha Just kidding my dad brought the boat home so he could do some stuff on it. PS it is FOR SALE!

It is a neat storm because it is not cold just windy and rainy and thunder and lightning.

News update the lightning has caused some small brush fires in the town next to us! hope they get it under control!


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