Thursday, June 18, 2009

Good Morning, Sun Shine

This morning I woke up really early 6am imagine that! Right after breakfast I continued my packing from last night. During a break in packing I did the Shred and walked on the treadmill. For some reason packing takes me forever when I am going on a vacation because it is really hard to decide now what you will feel like wearing when you get there. When packing for NZ it was easy, I just took everything! hahahaa minus the crap clothes.
Anyways soon my mom and I are going to go to target and the store to buys some snacks for the plane and a book and probably some stuff we don't need knowing us.

Here is me right before I did the shred DVD, which is not getting any easier.

but I am happy with how toned it is making me or rather I am making me?

Hopefully when I am done packing everything then I will have some spare time to get a little work done on my drawing!
P.S. Just a small note to Mel and Craig and Ruby, You guys are welcome for the baby clothes from the Olson clan. I hope some of them can fit and hopefully the bigger outfit will work for the summer!


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