Monday, June 8, 2009


Another day is almost gone! It is 6pm and I feel like the days are just flying by. This morning my mom and I went for a walk around the neighborhood and then she went to the gym but I decided to stay home and work on my drawing. Some times if I am inspired enough to actually work on my drawings then it is best just to go with that and try not to do to many things in one day. Plus I just bought the Jillian 30 day shred DVD that Lacey told me about and I am going to try that out tonight! At the top of the DVD it says Lose up to 20 pounds in 30 days! and I am going to plan on that happening! I have a feeling though that you probably have to actually do the DVD every day for 30 days and the odds of that happening are pretty low!

Grant's ticket to visit is booked so as of right now he comes on July 2 and leaves on the 24, that is not for sure for sure but pretty sure. Anyways I got a large chunk of my drawing done today and I am planning on trying to finish it tonight or tomorrow morning.

I will let everyone know how the shred DVD goes also! Maybe I will make it a goal to see if I can do it everyday until my mom and I leave to go on our vacation that would be about 11 days of shred! Hmmmm I might try it, give or take a day.


Lacey said...

Hey! I did the shred workout tonight and then i ate 3 pieces of pizza and a brownie. Tomorrow is a new day, I will try harder haha dangit!

Shannon Olson said...

hahahha that is so funny! I was able to do the shred video but I had to modify it cause I am not supose to jump with my eye surgery. So during the jumping part I did squats and now I can barely walk up the stairs! I like your thinking about tomorrow is a new day and hopefully I will be able to walk.

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