Friday, June 12, 2009

The Hip Kitty!

Last night my mom and I met my friend Kelly and her mom Cathy in Claremont for dinner. We went to a Mexican food place that has a large bar in it with tons of TV's so we could eat and be entertained my the Laker game, they are in the finals up against the Magic. The food there is really good, I had a bean and chicken tostada yum! While we were enjoying our after dinner beers the funniest thing happened our hairdresser walked in hahhaa she looked at me and waved then did a double take and came over to say hi realizing that she knew all of us! She does all our hair hahahha!
After the restaurant we walked over to a fondue bar called the Hip Kitty where they have live Jazz music. On our short walk some high school girls asked if we could take a picture of them posing in front of a store window so we asked them if they could take a picture of us doing the same thing!

We have fun everywhere we go!

The live jazz music was really good! I just love the lighting in this place too, when I have my own place I think I will have a bar room with lights like that.
I had one glass of wine.

This morning my mom and I went to the gym and the rest of the day will be spent finishing my third drawing. My plan is to finish this drawing this week then try to do 2 next week before we leave to go to NY! Then do the last drawing in between the time when we get back from NY and when Grant gets here. There is plenty of time it all comes down to me just doing it and not getting distracted and doing a million other things!
P.S. I plan to do the shred DVD later today and go to sleep early cause we will be up at 5am to do the garage sale!!!!!! and Ryder's B-day party, its going to be busy tomorrow!


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