Saturday, June 6, 2009

I Can See

It is truly a miracle. Yesterday early in the morning my mom and I drove to Newport where I was getting my laser eye surgery done. We went in and only waited a short amount of time before they took me back for the eye prep. The eye prep was extremely easy they checked my eyes again and gave me some drops and a zanex so I could relax. Now I am super susceptible to any type of drug. So what happened to me is not normal. I went in to the first part of the surgery where they use a laser to make a small flap on your eye so they can then do the corrective part a few seconds later. Well in between the processes I passed out! I was sitting in the chair they had me in and my mom came in to say your doing great and I told her I am going to throw up. So she handed me a trash can and I guess I didn't throw up cause instead I completely passed out. my mom said I was grey and then when I woke up all the nurses were running all around and I had cold towels on my head and someone was giving me Orange juice.

The doctor said it was no big deal and I could wait as long as I like before they do the corrective part. So about 10 min later I went in and Dr. Tooma corrected my vision. The whole process was completely pain free, and I am the only one who fainted. The whole rest of the day I slept and now today I can see perfectly. We went in for a follow up appointment and the doctor said I can see better then 20 20.
I also got my free i pod in the mail from the points I get from my credit card and my mom is getting her carpet put in down stairs so the dog is trapped in my room and she is not happy about it!
Yay! I am so excited to see it is amazing I would recommend everyone who can get the surgery to get it.


Ed said...

That's so cool! I've always wanted to get that done.

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