Saturday, June 13, 2009

A Jam Packed Day!

Last night I finished my third drawing and I was even able to fit in the shred dvd. That means that tonight will be my 6th day in a row doing the shred level one dvd. Next week Monday I am going to test out level 2! Only 3 more drawings to do yay!!!!

This morning we woke up at 4:45 am so we could drive down to my mom's friends house and set up the garage sale. It was cool and overcast again but I think that the weather worked in our favor cause if it was hot we would have died in the sun. The people started arriving at 6am before we could even finish putting everything out. By 12 noon there was really no one coming by anymore even though we still had lots left. Everything that was left over minus a few items that we are going to try to find a home for was dropped off at the good will. It took a lot of work but we were able to make close to 300$ so I guess it was worth it.

None of the art or posters really sold mainly just clothes and useless junk.
Here is a pic of my mom posing holding one of my projects from my life draw class she thinks she is sooo funny!

Right after the garage sale we went straight to Ryder's 2nd birthday party Cars Theme! We had a really good time, the food and cake were really good and I may or may not have over did it on the food! My mom and Dean below.

My mom with Ryder and Dean

Me and Ryder

Lacey and Amanda

Lacey me and Amanda. I still can't wear make up sooo plane.

Some how I still look tan and I have not been in the sun for months.

Ryder blowing out the candles it took him one second before he stuck his whole hand in the cake hahahaha.

On our drive home my mom and I were talking about how today really wore us out and we couldn't wait to get home and relax. She took it literally and went straight to bed and its only 8:30pm. At least there wasn't any traffic.
Below is a picture of the dorms at CSUF that I had to take I did live there for 4 years, its right off the freeway on our way home.
I am pretty tired but I ate so much junk food that I am going to do the shred dvd and possibly walk on the treadmill. Another exciting thing that happened today, I got my first ever e-mail from Grant and apparently it is his first ever e-mail sent to anyone ever! Wow I didn't even know that there were people who existed that had never e-mailed, the email was really short but some how he added little smiley faces that I had never seen before!


Lacey said...

figures that no one buys the good stuff at the yard sale. that picture of your mom with the naked body is SOO funny to me haha. I noticed your tan today, I'm jealous of it =) I can't believe Grant has never emailed before! Usually the only people who don't email are old! Might as well let you know that after Ryder's party I went to a grad party and ate just as much food & cake again haha, I'm gonna have to shred 5 times in a row tomorrow. I will try level 2 on Monday too just so I can experience it with you.

beeswax said...

Lacey I can't believe you ate more. I was so stuffed that I went home and crawled into bed by 7:30, stayed there all night. It's 7 am now, and I'm still stuffed from the party yesterday. No More Candy! It was a fun day.

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