Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Just Do It!

It is 8:55 am and I feel like I have already accomplished a lot this morning or at least motivated my self enough that I think I am going to get a lot done today. Last night I did the 30 day Shred level one! Because of my eyes I had to modify some of it, I didn't do any of the jumping but I did all the rest and let me just say that it wasn't easy, but because it only lasted 20 min I really think it is something that I could try to do everyday. So yesterday my mom and I walked in the morning and ate healthy all day we only had veggies for dinner and then I did the shred video and I woke up starving so I thought great I will weigh my self and see if maybe I lost some weight from weighing my self yesterday morning. Sadly I gained half a pound ahahhahah so that is why they say only weigh your self once a week! I am going back to that!

So this morning so far my mom and I have already gone for our 2 mile walk, we had breakfast, I have started my laundry, read all the blogs I read, and as soon as I am done writing this I am going to do the shred dvd and then finish my drawing! It will be a productive day!

The weather outside today totally sucks it is cloudy and misting yuck where is the sun!

Here is my drawing I got a lot done on it last night and I am going to finish it today and start a new one tonight!
During a drawing break my mom and I have to organize all of our junk that we are selling this weekend at our friends garage sale! This weekend will be busy; we are having a garage sale sat early morning, and Sunday early morning, and Saturday afternoon is Ryder's 2ND B-day Bash!


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