Wednesday, June 24, 2009

On Vacation! East Coast!

Hello everyone!
My mom and I are in Mass, Plymouth. We started in NY on Friday we spent 3 nights there then drove to Cape Cod, Mass where we spent 2 nights and now we just arrived in Plymouth. We are going to walk across the street and see Plymouth rock and the May Flower (ship).

So far it has rained every single day we have been here! We only brought 2 pairs of pants each and no jackets, and because of too much laughing last night we each now only have one pair of pants left! hahhahahahaha

We have been eating a lot I guess there is not much else to do in the Rain! We are off to see the rock now!


Anonymous said...

You guys are good packers!! I usually pack a pair of pants for each day plus some!!
Hope you're having fun times :)


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