Thursday, June 18, 2009


So I packed all my clothes for the trip and it all barely fit in, I didn't think I had that much! We went and got some last minute snacks for the flight and some books to read and then my mom and dad went and dropped off my mom's car to get it fixed. Pretty much there is always something going on here! We are so excited about seeing NY and Boston and everything in between, its going to be a great adventure.

After visiting the neighbor and having her tell us that when they went a few years ago that my mom packed way too much that trip, I think I am going to go back through it all and take a bunch of stuff out. Our flight is at 7am so we have to be up and moving at 4am!

The sad thing is I won't be bringing my computer on my trip so I won't be able to blog, but I will try if there are any computer stations.
Look forward to a lot of really cool pictures and stories when I return!
Also Grant comes to visit 3 days after we get back and I can not wait!


Anonymous said...

Have a fantastic trip you two!!
I will miss your daily updates, but look forward to a biggie when you return.


Lacey said...

Have a great trip you guys! Can't wait to see all the fun you have. Be adventurous and have a safe flight <3

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