Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Pictures as promised

Today I have decided that I have to get a lot done! It is Tuesday and I am getting my surgery on Friday so I won't be able to draw for a little while after the surgery I am guessing.
Because of that I decided last night to make a long list of everything that needs to be done, and it looks like this: highlighted stuff I have done
  • Finish drawing(won't take long)
  • work out
  • start new drawing(should take most of day)
  • take pills and eye drops
  • go to Kristen's 21 d-day Mom had migrane and I didn't want to drive alone or leave her alone


  • Finish second drawing(should take most of day)
  • work out take eye drops and pills
  • do not take much caffeine


  • Take eye drops
  • work out
  • fill out final forms
  • No caffeine
  • take pills
  • if drawing is not finished then finish it
  • See if I can possibly turn in drawings for payment


  • Relax!
  • No Caffeine
  • Eat normal
  • wear comfy clothes
  • arrive early with forms and everything needed
  • Do Surgery go home and sleep all day


  • Relax and sleep all day
  • Go to post op

Today so far I have taken a few pictures around the house, taken my pills, and responded to some e-mails. Not much on the list has been done soo for the rest of the day I will spend less time Here on the computer=

And more time here at my desk drawing=

This is the drawing so far almost done!
Here is my mom at breakfast! she said that if I put a bad picture of her up that she would take a picture of me sleeping and put it on her blog so I put the one of her hiding! peek a boo!

And Finally as promised here are the pictures of everything that we are re doing. This is my mom's office with everything out of it just waiting for new carpet.
Below is a picture of everything that we are getting rid of, the majority of this stuff or crap came out of my room and out of bins in the garage. We are hoping to make some money by selling it in a garage sale. There really are some nice clothes in all that stuff.

Below is a video of all the stuff that came out of my mom's office(you wouldn't think that it could all fit in that tiny room)
A little note: Hello to Mel in NZ I have a feeling that you might have had the baby because I have not had any comments from you on my posts and I am sure it is time! If this is true then I wish you luck! Wrong about Mel just excited to hear about the baby!=)


Anonymous said...

Hi Shannon,
No baby yet!!
I promise you will let you know soon after. Your wedding post was awesome, lots of great photos. Looks like you have alot to do before Friday. Good luck with the eye surgery.

Take care

Lacey said...

omg I cannot believe all the stuff that you guys have haha. I love the picture of your mom hiding out, so funny. Good luck on getting everything done. See you guys tonight

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