Thursday, June 11, 2009

A productive day!

Last night I was really excited to find out that a package arrived for me in the mail that I had been waiting for! The second week I was home from NZ I was reading someones blog and I ran across this site where you can publish your own book! The site is I immediately went on the site and started checking it out and came to the verdict that I must make my blog into a book(which is one of the many options). It took me lots of hours to go through all my pictures and all the pages that needed some tweaking but eventually I finished it and sent away for it and it arrived last night and turned out just how I thought it would, Great! Another positive thing that came out of me getting my book is I may have inspired my dad to possibly write some sort of story about his youth as a racer (who knows could be really cool).

This morning so far I did the shred DVD, walked on the treadmill, got ready, and took some photos for my blog so today would be more entertaining then last night! To do still; Go to eye doctor for follow up appointment, drop off drawing to NHRA, drop off stuff to antique lady, work on third drawing, and meet up with Kelly and Cathy for dinner!

Above are pictures of my mom's completed office! It looks amazing! Just look at all that room!

Below are some pictures of how awesome my book turned out! I was able to capture my whole year in a book and didn't have to print out any photos!


Lacey said...

omg that book awesome. your mom's office looks so good! so clean haha

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