Monday, June 15, 2009

Working out and Drawing

The same routine continues on! This morning I woke up and my mom and I went to the gym, I did 30 min on the elliptical machine and then I got off and started to feel sorta sick slash dizzy. Soooo I stopped working out and when we got home I had a little snack. The only reason why I think I could have felt that way was probably from the fish oil pill that I have to take for my eyes.
When home I fixed my third drawing (apparently the man I drew had curlier hair) It was a quick fix. I then started on my fourth drawing and I am using that term "starting" loosely cause I mainly just set it up.
At this point I thought I feel good enough to try out the Shred DVD Level 2! I actually like level 2 better then level one, it is a lot more fun! It is way harder don't get me wrong and I had to do a lot of the modified moves but the exercises they have you doing are a lot more interesting. With this level I was actually sweating and really out of breath, for some reason when I do work out DVDs I tend to hold my breath and I think its cause I am trying to concentrate to do it right.
I can't wait to see what Lacey thought of level 2?

To Do for Today
  • Get most of fourth drawing done
  • Start to decide clothes for trip on Friday
  • Try styling my hair with curlers(what can I say I have extra time)

When working out in the gym I was thinking (there is not much else to do) about how I am so lucky and happy that I can see now! And I was thinking about all the stuff that I am really happy about, I started to think all this cause yesterday I had a horrible mental day, I was just really irritated and I really missed Grant, so today I thought only positive thoughts!
Thankful thought list:

  • So Happy and thankful that I made the decision to fix my eyes I gifted this to myself but I just feel extremely lucky that it all worked out and that I am able to live in a time where this technology exists.
  • I am really happy to be able to spend time with my family! I may get annoyed once in a while but I love being around them and I am truly having a great time just being able to spend time with them!
  • I miss Grant tons but I can now count down the days till he arrives 16!
  • I am thankful that my mom and I have the opportunity to see NY and go on a trip together
  • I am happy that I can do the drawings for the NHRA museum, if I did not have this job I would have no job i.e. no money and nothing to do
  • Also excited that Anna is coming to visit, she has become a close friend and I really miss her!

Later I will post how far I got on my drawing and also what I changed on the third drawing.


Lacey said...

ok that post must have been for yesterday haha oops. well i am feeling a little scared to try level 2 now because i sweat to death evertime i do level 1. im screwed! i was telling bub about your 4th plans and he is going to try to get a baby seat for his bike or im going to see if my mom will babysit so we can come down and ride around with you guys! it sounds like a lot of fun and that is the place to be.

beeswax said...


For some reason, Shannon's blog is on New Zealand timezone and she's still a day ahead of us here in the USA.

That will be fun if you guys can go with us on the 4th. Yes, I will be there too.


Anna said...

Yay! I made the list! WOOO! I'm so excited to see you! It's been forever!

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