Wednesday, July 29, 2009

I smell something Fishy!

I finished the last drawing that I had to do for the NHRA hot rod reunion! Yay now when I go to Texas tomorrow I don't have to be stressed thinking about coming back to something that has to be done.
Not only did I finish the drawing today but I also packed and jogged on the treadmill!
Lucky for me and all of our friends my dad returned last night from his fishing trip with tons of fish! He caught 5 yellow tail and 5 mahi mahi that all weighed about 20 to 30 pounds each. Sooo we are having fish for dinner woo hoo!
Future fish dinners. Caught on July 27, 2009 by the ancient Olson mairner on the fishing vessel Outer Limits off Baja California, Mexico. Yellowtail and Mahi Mahi.
Pictures taken by my dad the fisherman!
The last of the Drawings yay!

I plan to go to bed early cause my flight is really early in the morning=0 I can't wait to see Andrea! It has been longer then a year and I really miss her!
I will do a post about my trip when I get back whoop whoop!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009


I am trying to get back in shape after Grant left! Three weeks of eating nothing but junk and not working out has left me much larger then when he got here hahahha.
I set myself the goal to see how quickly I can get back in shape.
I am guessing that since it took me about 3 weeks to gain all the weight and get out of shape that it will probably take about 3 weeks or more to get back in shape, considering that I am not doing any sort of crazy diet, but rather just going back to my normal eating habits plus exercise.

Its funny because when I am having a good time and partying and drinking and not thinking about all the junk I am eating I convince myself that it is all worth it but it never really is! hahahha!

This weekend will be a challenge because I will be in Texas visiting my friend Andrea, but I just need to keep in mind that the food and getting drunk is really not worth feeling out of shape and being hung over!

So today I finished my drawing and started the last drawing that I need to do and I worked out! I jogged 1.5 miles on the treadmill in the afternoon and I walked 2.5 miles in the morning. I could have jogged a lot longer in the sense that I wasn't tired and it wasn't hard but I just really don't like jogging that much.
This is the second to the last drawing completed!

Monday, July 27, 2009

Something NEW to do!

I am proud of my self today because I feel like I got a lot done! I walked with my mom in the morning, did the shred dvd level 3, finished my second to last NHRA drawing, walked on the treadmill, got a blood test, and we went to a work out dance class!

First off the Shred level 3 is not as good as a whole work out as level 2, but I do like parts of level 3. I wish I could make my own dvd picking out the specific moves that I like and have her make a new level just for me!

Secondly the drawing took most of the day but at least it is pretty much done.

And finally for the something new title my mom and I and Carol all took a dance work out class that was really fun! Carol's daughter in law takes this class and she invited us to try it and it was a great work out and a lot of fun. But sadly the class did point out an already known fact, I can't do any sort of organized dance hahahha.

Tomorrow I will post a picture of the finished drawing=)

Saturday, July 25, 2009

All by my self

Today I was back to being by myself =( I miss Grant but I keep thinking it is only 3 weeks and then I will miss my family ha ha I guess there is no winning in this situation.
My mom and I went down and visited with my Grandpa, there was a small gathering at his shop where they made Mexican food yum yum.
My Goal for this week is to finish the 2 drawings that I have left to do and to start to organize everything that I will want to take to NZ.
On Thursday this week I visit my friend Andrea for a few days so I am really excited about that.

Friday, July 24, 2009

The End of Grant's Vacation

I just got back from dropping Grant off at the airport =( and I already miss him so much! I can't believe I have to wait about 24 days before I see him again. The time is going to creep by, at least it feels like that right now.
Last night we went to the Orange county fair. We met my cousins and Grant went on some of the rides while I watched.

Tuesday we went down to the Laguna Art Festival and walked around and checked out all the local artists. Then we had Taco Tuesday at the Cantina 5 dollars all you can eat tacos yum! Later that night we went out in Huntington and met up with Amanda and ended up partying hard and staying the night at her house.

Wednesday we woke up and went to the Hurley US Open surf comp, and layed out at the beach.
We were a bit hung over but still managed to make it in the hot sun.

I miss Grant so much! We had a great vacation but I guess that can't last forever. I know I will be back with him soon so in the mean time I am back to getting my drawings done and everything in order here before I move to NZ.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Catch up

This is the catch up blog. I am so far behind that I am not going to write tons of stuff just show you all through pictures. This post goes from most recent to oldest. Yesterday we went to Knotts Berry Farm and Down Town Disney. The day before that we Relaxed and went to the movie the Hang over (great movie). Saturday we went to LA again with my Family to Universal City Walk. Thursday through Friday we drove up to Pismo Beach and had a bon fire and steak dinner and on the way home we stopped in Santa Barbara and had Italian dinner.

The Mexican spinning hats Grant had us going so fast I felt sick after.
Trip to LA on Saturday we had a great time. We all took the subway and ended up in Olvera St again hahaha.

On our way to Pismo

Grant ate a scorpion from the weird candy store yum

We stopped at the mission

Italian dinner
Today is Tuesday and we are off to the Laguna Beach Art festival woo hoo Taco Tuesday!

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Videos from last Olvera Street Trip

On Thursday all of us drove to Pismo beach and had a bon fire and stayed the night and drove home Friday. The trip was short but a lot of fun! Today we are all catching the train into LA again but this time we are going to Universal Studios and then to Olvera st! All my cousins are going so it should be interesting.

Here are some videos from the last trip to Olvera st.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The train and LA again!

We took the train to LA again hahaha and we drank more margaritas in olvera st, but this time we bought some outfits! Grant got all sorts of great stuff and I got a full senorita dress! I will post the pics and video of that as soon as I get it off my mom's camera. The night ended in the best possible way with us getting drunk and having a really hard time making it back to the train.

He owns that hat!

oh yeah I almost forgot we met the craziest guy at the bar too he took this picture and said that he could take another one if we wanted cause he knows how hard it is to model cause not only is he a photographer but he is also a model, later in the night he said that he could help us pick out some wine cause he works at safe way hahahahaha. By the way the man did not look like a model hahaha lol.

our final stop was the bar at the train station

get it!

Drunks on a train.

This morning we dropped Anna off to meet her cousin! She leaves on Friday to go home to NJ! I will miss her!

drop off point. Today Grant and my dad went fishing out of Long Beach and I guess they had a fun time. We met them for dinner down there and had some really good BBQ Ribs! They didn't catch any fish worth keeping but they both got burned even though I gave Grant sun block and told him to put it on! Tomorrow we are off onto our next adventure so keep tuned in!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Worn out

Monday, Yesterday we drove down to Laguna Beach and met up with my cousin Amanda. The weather was awesome, nice and clear. We walked around the whole town and had lunch at BJ's and then we headed to Balboa Island where we did more walking. At the end of the night we ended up at a bar having margaritas and beer!!! Waaa Hooo!

Today we all woke up really late and our plan to go to hollywood is destroyed! It is just going to be way too much work to drive all the way there and get home before traffic, so I think we are going to go to olvera st again and have a late lunch and then maybe walk around china town or somewhere around there. We are all completely worn out! I have not had a full nights sleep since Grant got here between Vegas and all the early morning plans and late night parties I am worn out! It was nice to be able to sleep in this morning!

Laguna Beach

Balboa painting on wall

Grant was happy about the large beers in the USA
and I was happy about the light beers yum yum

put your cheese ball face on!

Monday, July 13, 2009

oh the excitement!!!!

Saturday the 11th we all went to my Grandpa's shop and fired up the Bonneville car. After we were done with that we took the train to Olvera st. Little Mexico and from there we went to Holly Wood!


Holly Wood

Second Bar of the day

Sunday we had a Family party and also Anna came into town to stay a few days!
The excitement started when the forest behind our house caught on fire and they used the water behind our house to make drops.



To rewind a few days on the 8th Grant and I rented a car and drove to Vegas for 3 days and man was it hot! About 110 Degrees!

Hoover Dam

Erik and Alicia met us on Wednesday night and came out to party!

We went to a club that had rap music that Grant hated!

Thursday we went to the Wynn Hotel and had the lunch buffet! man there was a ton of food! yum yum

Then on to Circus Circus

Grant loved the Arcade
Later that night we went to a club and Dick's last resort


they made us hats

Sorry I didn't write more but we are really busy today we are going to Laguna Beach with Anna. Hopefully tonight I will have some more time.
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