Saturday, July 25, 2009

All by my self

Today I was back to being by myself =( I miss Grant but I keep thinking it is only 3 weeks and then I will miss my family ha ha I guess there is no winning in this situation.
My mom and I went down and visited with my Grandpa, there was a small gathering at his shop where they made Mexican food yum yum.
My Goal for this week is to finish the 2 drawings that I have left to do and to start to organize everything that I will want to take to NZ.
On Thursday this week I visit my friend Andrea for a few days so I am really excited about that.


Anonymous said...

Hi Shannon,
It will be great to see you again!
We have been having some awesome winter weather lately, beautiful sunny days (frosty and cold in the morning tho). Have they started summer sales over there yet? I am still thinking about what I could get you to bring back for Ruby.

Take care and keep up the good work!!

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