Friday, July 24, 2009

The End of Grant's Vacation

I just got back from dropping Grant off at the airport =( and I already miss him so much! I can't believe I have to wait about 24 days before I see him again. The time is going to creep by, at least it feels like that right now.
Last night we went to the Orange county fair. We met my cousins and Grant went on some of the rides while I watched.

Tuesday we went down to the Laguna Art Festival and walked around and checked out all the local artists. Then we had Taco Tuesday at the Cantina 5 dollars all you can eat tacos yum! Later that night we went out in Huntington and met up with Amanda and ended up partying hard and staying the night at her house.

Wednesday we woke up and went to the Hurley US Open surf comp, and layed out at the beach.
We were a bit hung over but still managed to make it in the hot sun.

I miss Grant so much! We had a great vacation but I guess that can't last forever. I know I will be back with him soon so in the mean time I am back to getting my drawings done and everything in order here before I move to NZ.


beeswax said...

We miss him too. He is a delite to have around and you seem so happy when you are with him. True Love!
I hope the next 24 days drag on because then I will be missing you. Oh well.
Love you, MOM

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