Monday, July 13, 2009

oh the excitement!!!!

Saturday the 11th we all went to my Grandpa's shop and fired up the Bonneville car. After we were done with that we took the train to Olvera st. Little Mexico and from there we went to Holly Wood!


Holly Wood

Second Bar of the day

Sunday we had a Family party and also Anna came into town to stay a few days!
The excitement started when the forest behind our house caught on fire and they used the water behind our house to make drops.



To rewind a few days on the 8th Grant and I rented a car and drove to Vegas for 3 days and man was it hot! About 110 Degrees!

Hoover Dam

Erik and Alicia met us on Wednesday night and came out to party!

We went to a club that had rap music that Grant hated!

Thursday we went to the Wynn Hotel and had the lunch buffet! man there was a ton of food! yum yum

Then on to Circus Circus

Grant loved the Arcade
Later that night we went to a club and Dick's last resort


they made us hats

Sorry I didn't write more but we are really busy today we are going to Laguna Beach with Anna. Hopefully tonight I will have some more time.


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