Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The train and LA again!

We took the train to LA again hahaha and we drank more margaritas in olvera st, but this time we bought some outfits! Grant got all sorts of great stuff and I got a full senorita dress! I will post the pics and video of that as soon as I get it off my mom's camera. The night ended in the best possible way with us getting drunk and having a really hard time making it back to the train.

He owns that hat!

oh yeah I almost forgot we met the craziest guy at the bar too he took this picture and said that he could take another one if we wanted cause he knows how hard it is to model cause not only is he a photographer but he is also a model, later in the night he said that he could help us pick out some wine cause he works at safe way hahahahaha. By the way the man did not look like a model hahaha lol.

our final stop was the bar at the train station

get it!

Drunks on a train.

This morning we dropped Anna off to meet her cousin! She leaves on Friday to go home to NJ! I will miss her!

drop off point. Today Grant and my dad went fishing out of Long Beach and I guess they had a fun time. We met them for dinner down there and had some really good BBQ Ribs! They didn't catch any fish worth keeping but they both got burned even though I gave Grant sun block and told him to put it on! Tomorrow we are off onto our next adventure so keep tuned in!


Anonymous said...

Your hair looks awesome in the last photo, love the curls - very cute!!


Shannon Olson said...

Thanks Mel! hope you have fun on the school holidays!

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