Thursday, July 2, 2009

Videos From the East Coast Trip

Today Grant comes for his big adventure! His first time in the USA, I can't wait to see what he thinks! Besides being really happy about Grant coming I am also happy because I finished everything that I wanted to do yesterday! I finished my fourth drawing and I did my shopping and my work out, everything with no distractions. I seem to be on a roll because today I have been so motivated that I have already worked out and am starting on my 5th drawing and its only 8:40!

Here are just some of the videos from our trip


Cape Cod



beeswax said...

Hey .... you got some video of our trip. I need to put my video up on my blog. I'll do that.

beeswax said...

I blogged


Anonymous said...

Hi Shannon & Kathy
Thanks so much for taking time to send us a postcard from Cape Cod.
A very nice suprise.
Keep up the good work!

Mel, Craig & Ruby

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