Monday, August 31, 2009

Drawing and Walking

This morning I walked to the grocery store and bought 40 dollars worth of food mainly fruit and vegetables and milk only necessities then put it all in my back pack and walked home and it is not a short walk.

I did a mathematical equation with a calculator and realized that I have to get a job and now that I have had a week to relax and work on a lot of art I really want to get one too. I will be able to work on my art on the weekends and after what ever job I get, plus this will be a good way to meet people. I thought about what I want to do and I really don't care as long as I get paid ok and I am in an environment with youngish people who are fun and nice. Something to do with art would be nice but probably won't find that.

Tonight the plan is to check out a possible place to live and then to go to dinner at Grant's dads place. Tomorrows plan so far is to take the bus for the first time from here to meet Alina in town and just scope out some jobs and maybe see where she lives.

I have a feeling once I get a job then I won't be so stressed about spending my savings and I will be able to go out once in a while and we can live in a nicer place.

Here are some drawings that I did.

What is above I wrote about yesterday but we went to dinner at Grant's dads house and didn't get home till 1130 so I forgot to post, opps.
We had a great time at dinner he made a pork roast it was really yummy, I love roasts! What took so long is after dinner we went through all the photos from Grant's trip to CA. There were hundreds of pictures and we went through everyone including me in a bathing suit model type pics very embarrassing hahahhha.
We didn't have time again to check out the house but hopefully today! Just to annoy me on the way home at midnight Grant said so is it too late to check out the house hahahha very funny.
This morning I woke up and started to make my oatmeal but instead of blueberries I bought raspberries because there is a 4 dollar difference any who the raspberries were already open which means someone had some which annoyed me right off, but the worst part is I made my oatmeal and apparently raspberries are nothing like blueberries in oatmeal! What a disappointment! Who ever ate them can have them, now instead of saving 4 dollars I wasted 4 by buying raspberries I don't want. I would have been better off buying the 7.50 blueberries hahahhahahah ahhhhhhhh!
Today= taking the bus and meeting Alina in Ponsonby, going to look for jobs while I am at it.

More of the same ol

Today was more of the same old thing. I stayed home all day but I got a lot done. I finished a drawing that I had just started yesterday and I did all of my laundry! Woo hoo! The drawing is a secret for now but I am starting a new one tomorrow and when that is done I will post both drawings and it will all make sense.

Below is a picture of Grants latest painting that he just made that frame for. He made a frame for my painting too but I didn't get a picture of that yet.

Below is Grant just home from work. Looking dirty!

To do list for tomorrow
  1. Start new drawing
  2. work out (which will involve walking to the store and getting veggies I want) we can't afford to do actual large shopping trip and we have plenty of can food.
  3. try to locate printer or copy place
  4. check out back house
  5. go to dinner at Grant's Dad's house

oh yeah and Grant got us this huge mirror from a place he is working at. I thought it would be like a large framed mirror so I said yeah bring it home, turns out it is a large mirror that should be hanging in a dance studio, its enormous. Anyways so it is in the garage but if we get our own place it can hang it on a wall and fool everyone into thinking we live in a large area hhahahha.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Check out e-bay

One of my drawings is now for sale on e-bay.
Everyone should check it out:

Rain Rain Rain

Today it rained. As the day wore on I started to feel a lot better. I organized the down stairs room with all my art supplies because this is where I plan to do some of my art. The room pretty much sucks it is cold and damp but at least I don't feel like I am in any ones way and I don't have to hear any annoying conversations. I also can wear my ipod and sing out loud which as my college roommates can tell you is quite annoying hahhahaha.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

A Question?

Here is a question for everyone who reads this.
Do you ever feel weird? (this will be a run on sentence) Weird, like, you are tired but can't sleep because you just woke up and you feel like you need to run or jump in place but just ate so if you do that you might throw up and like your going to cry but really aren't sad about anything more like you could scream and every time you do something you have 5 people making comments about it so you want to just hide alone somewhere but then feel as though you should be doing something productive? I feel like I am losing my mind! Awwwwwwwwwwww

I am also having all these weird dreams! I had a dream last night that I was in Vegas with Kelly and 5 of her friends and Grant and we were all sitting at this table and she says that she is getting married and that she wants me to be a brides maid and that her wedding will be this year in Hawaii but she is not sure when and I just sat there and silently freaked out cause I don't have the money to go do any of that stuff what does that dream mean?
Also something that is weird is yesterday I thought of 2 of my friends that I rarely talk to and that very night I got an e-mail from both of them!

Write me a comment and let me know if you ever feel like I do or if you would like to interpret my dream?

Its Midnight

Its midnight and today I never left the house hahhah. I did finish a drawing that I was working on and I started a new drawing so I feel like I did a lot. We also had a roommate conversation that kinda pissed me off but oh well. Its kinda funny the two other roommates said they didn't really want to live with a couple and then the 2 that said that, each individually said they didn't want to live with the other one! hahahha so really no one wants to live with each other but no one can afford to live alone Grant was irritated when they said that they didn't want to live with a couple and said we can move out and they both said not because with out us their rent would be outrageous. But for me just knowing that they don't want a couple here is enough so I have decided as soon as we find something better we are done.

After I finished my drawings we had a few margaritas and I had made a really good pizza for lunch so we warmed that up and had the rest for dinner. yum yum
Ok time for bed.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Yay its Friday!

I am happy that today is Friday just like I was last week. When I talked to Grant this morning on the phone I asked what time I will be picking him up from work and he suggested that we go out to dinner. If we do go out that will be the first time I have gone out since being back in NZ. We are trying to save money by eating and drinking at home.
This morning I drove out to Mel's and got my hair cut or I should say trimmed because I am trying to grow it out. I would guess to the untrained eye it probably looks exactly the same but I can tell its been trimmed and it looks and feels great! I have decided that when this shampoo and rinse that I am using runs out that I need to invest in better products. When I was home I loved the way my hair felt cause we were using better products and the shampoo I am using here makes my hair feel greasy.
On a side note I called my mom on skype and she wasn't there which is abnormal for a week day, so I called her cell phone and guess where she was? At her friends house in OC and is going to have to stay the night because they had 2 margaritas for 5 dollars each and they were so strong and good that she said she can't drive home! I am jealous, sounds like a really good time!

Here is Ruby again, Looking as cute as ever!
PS The picture uploaded sideways and I turned it the right way and it uploaded wrong again!
SO Ruby looks like she is trying to stand or something.
And here is my hair cut or trim.
Looking forward to going out tonight or at least seeing Grant since I haven't seen him all week.

Pizza Time

Today I made Pizza from scratch and it came out great! I learned how to Knead the dough. I just wish that I had more toppings for the pizza. It only takes like 20 minutes to make the whole pizza ready to eat. Alina came over for lunch and we ate half the pizza so that means that it serves four! I have 2 portions left.
After we were done eating we walked up to the buses and Alina showed me how to read the bus schedule. It sounds like it should be obvious and easy but for some reason it isn't. Now that I know how to read the schedule it will be easy.

Yum it was so good!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

I've been everywhere....

Here is my summer recap! I feel like I've been everywhere. I know it is not summer in NZ, but I spent the whole USA summer there and it is now over so I thought what the hell I will do a recap. All of you who read my blog regularly might be bored, but it is interesting to see everywhere I went in just three short months.
In May I said good bye to NZ and Grant and I said Hello to my family and California!

Good Bye cold and Hello Warmth!
I visited family!
I took everything out of my room and it became a guest room.
My mom and I visited NY! Wow!
We also went to Cape Cod and Boston!
Grant visited and we went to Vegas Nevada
Anna also visited and we went to the Beach.
We went to Santa Barbara
We went to Pismo Beach!
I visited Andrea and Rich in Austin Texas!
Said good bye to Family!
I went to Bonneville Utah!
I said Good bye to all my family =( and came back to NZ!
And said Hello Grant and Alina!
Hello NZ!

Lots of Stuff!

Today I did lots of stuff! Nothing really important but just lots of stuff. It was one of those days where I felt like I was wasting a ton of time but now by the end of the day I actually accomplished a lot. I went shopping and got only things I need; an iron, food(baking ingredients), plastic containers for my food, a long mirror, laundry detergent, a bucket(not sure why but felt I needed one).
One reason for getting the baking ingredients besides the fact that we don't have any I decided to make a baguette. I have a simple recipe that should be very easy, but turned out like a pile of crap. The dough didn't rise because I didn't knead it properly (I found that out after I googled how to do it). Oh well I pulled off the doughy bits and covered the rest with peanut butter and jelly and it tasted fine! While making the bread I finished another painting! So by the end of the day I had laundry done, painting done, bread done lol, dinner (bread) done! Now possibly shred dvd?

Tomorrow Alina shows me how to take the BUS!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

A Nice Visit

Today I woke up really early with Grant so I could drive him to his bosses house. He is working on a small close Island until Friday which means I get the car. I also don't get to see him for a few days=( I think I will be ok. I am not totally alone I have roommates now.
After I dropped him off I came home and did the 30 day shred work out, worked on a painting, had lunch, then visited Sybilla and Rebecca.

Sybilla is so much bigger and older it is hard to believe. I know it has only been three months but she is like a big kid now. She talks and understands what your saying, but thankfully she still likes to dance and go through purses. It was really good seeing her and getting to catch up.

Here she is talking on my brush like its a phone, so cute!

I was lucky to catch the tail end of her dancing!
Tomorrow the plan is to shop for a few things I want/need and to paint and draw some more!
Oh yeah, it rained today and the weather wasn't the nicest, I guess it's back to the Auckland I remember so well.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Cold bbbbrrrrrr

Today it is really cold! I am freezing! Anyways today I painted and painted and painted. I did three water colors that all turned out really good and I have decided that I will make some prints of them and sell them! I know you all want one! I am not going to post pictures of them because I want to make the prints first but if you are into racing and especially Bonneville racing then you will like it.
Besides the painting I also called 2 places for jobs and the first one the lady repeated my phone number wrong and when I repeated it again the right way she said ok, so who knows if I will get a call back from that. The second place I called said they were closed today and to call back tomorrow but on further investigation I realized that they are about 25 min away from here and I don't have a car. Oh well, I want a job but those two weren't anything special. I'd rather wait and look for a job that I really really want and like rather then take some crap job just to make minimum wage and have to quit cause I don't like it. And as my history shows if I don't like a job I am immediately looking for another one.

Tomorrow I draw and visit Sybilla ! yay!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Everyday life

This morning we drove out to see Mel, Craig, and to meet Ruby. Ruby is such a cute baby! I don't think she liked me right off the bat because when I held her she started crying, maybe it was my American accent she wasn't use to, but anyways she is just so cute. About half way through the visit she took a little nap while we all chatted away. It was good meeting her and visiting with Craig and Mel again.
After our visit Grant and I went by an art store where I got some paper I needed and he got some expensive paint, if my calculations are right he should charge thousands for each painting he does. When we got home I put all my clothes that were in my suitcase still into one set of drawers that were given to us by one of Grants friends.
Which brings me to yesterday where we spent the majority of the day driving around looking for drawers, I don't think Grant was happy about the drawer search especially when we couldn't find anything. Oh well my answer to that is too bad, I can't live with piles of clothes surrounding me I will go crazy. Later last night we ended up going to a friends house to watch the Rugby game and I fell asleep on the couch while trying to watch and slept through the whole thing! How Rude. I really don't think I am adjusted to the time yet, and when we got home I got really home sick and started crying. I think it is going to take a while for me to get adjusted to living with someone and to being away from my family and friends.

How cute is Ruby?

Here she is taking her nap

Looking very relaxed

Here are the drawers that I am so very happy and thankful to have.

not in the best shape but better then having clothes everywhere.
Who knows what tomorrow will bring.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Dinner and Drinks

Last night I made dinner and Alina and Tom came over. We had a really good time catching up and hanging out. Of course I forgot to give Alina the gift that I brought for her (which is what I do every time) so I will have to give it to her next week.

Alina, Tom and Me
Our house is right out of 1970 Green shag carpet.
Grant is so lucky to be in our picture sandwich!

Thursday, August 20, 2009


Here are some pictures from our street. It was really sunny till about 20 min ago when some huge clouds rolled in.

I walked up to the Warehouse. It takes about 30 min to get there and about 30 min back. There are a few hills involved, but I am counting this as my exercise today. At the store I bought some plastic hooks and some wash cloths. I saw a bunch of stuff I want but it would have been impossible to carry it all. When I got home I hung the hooks and continued to organize stuff. It is better but not really good. Well I better start on my art because before I know it I will be making spaghetti

Its Friday!

Today is Friday and I am really excited about the weekend. I have nothing planned but my goal is to find some drawers and some organizational stuff for this room. Also tonight Alina and Tom are going to come to dinner and Alina is going to teach me how to take the bus. I have decided to make spaghetti yum yum. Last night I mentioned something about drawers to Grant and he said you are funny, you woke up talking about drawers and now you are going to sleep talking about drawers.

Anyways last night for dinner Grant made us fajitas and although they were really spicy they were also delicious. Yesterday I did everything on my list of stuff to do; I walked up the street to donate some of my clothes to the good will, I started a painting (that I intend to finish today), I organized a few more things in our room, and I applied for a few jobs on the Internet.

This morning so far I have talked to my mom, cleaned the bathroom sink and kitchen sink, and I am now going to walk up to the Warehouse (similar to a target). The one thing I need to keep in mind while shopping is only buy what you can carry because I am walking lol! Imagine if I forgot that and bought drawers hahahha.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

I have arrived and the Fiesta has begun!

Wednesday the 19th I arrived in NZ at 530am! Grant picked me up from the airport and we went to our house and I went back to sleep. I have realized that I need to relax and let myself adjust to this new environment. If I start thinking about jobs and organizing everything and money I start to feel like I am going to have a panic attack.

After I unpacked a few things we went to the grocery store and bought some food for the week and it came out to 230 dollars! For one week of food, it is really so super expensive here to eat.
That night Grant asked me to make some salsa because we were having a fiesta in my honor. The salsa turned out great! It was really cute Grant had the room all clean when I got here and the bar down stairs was decorated for the party.

Yummy Salsa
Our Room! Look at all that Junk!

My goal for today is to start on a painting that I have been planning on doing, go for a walk, and look for jobs on the Internet!

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