Monday, August 17, 2009

Adios Amigos, Amigas y Familia

I am leaving tonight to go back to NZ where my adventure will continue!

The adventure this year is going to be in the same location but completely different! Last year's adventure was going to a new country that I knew nothing about, dating, night life, traveling, and being a nanny (which was very insightful).

This year (drum roll please) will be about trying to find a job or a way to make money, more night life but not as much, traveling to the places I didn't see last year, and living full time (every single day) with my partner GRANT!

I have never tried to find a job in a different country and I have never lived with anyone full time before soooo it will be very interesting! My personal goal is to meet more friends by joining classes, make and save money, see the country, and work on my art work.

I will miss my family and friends here in the USA but hopefully you can all come visit!
I will post more as soon as I arrive, but now it is time to go back to the Future!


Mel said...

Hope you have a great flight. Guess we'll see you soon!!


beeswax said...

I'm already getting sad =(
I'm going to miss you so much.
I'm sure your friends there will take good care of you. Only two months and I'll be visiting.

Mel I can't wait to see Ruby, she is so cute.

Tuesday will be my day of silence, Carl is fishing until late and Shannon will be in NZ. Just Lili and I here, doing nothing.

Have a good trip Shannon, thanks for hanging out with us for 3 months, the time flew by. You can rest there and catch your breath.
I love you and miss you already.
Love, MOM

Shannon Olson said...

Mom I miss you already too! And Mel I hope to see you soon, maybe I can ask Grant to take me out there this weekend if it works for you guys!

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