Thursday, August 13, 2009

Bonneville was a Success

About 3 hours ago we arrived home from Bonneville Utah. We started our trip to the salt flats on Thursday the 6th and are now home on Thursday the 13th.

I had forgotten how much fun going racing with my friends and family really is because I have missed the last two years. Last year I was living in NZ and the year before I actually had a job where I couldn't get off (imagine that).

Our normal drive to Utah involves a huge car pool where we all drive together and follow each other but because my dad had to work we drove a day later all by ourselves, but even though it wasn't as crazy with tons of people and cars we still managed to have our moments of laughter.

Starting with Breakfast! We stopped at Denny's and I was really tired and said I am going to keep sleeping in the car cause I am not hungry. About 2 minutes later my dad comes up to my window and says I came out here cause your mother wants me to tell you that we are having breakfast with Michael Jackson's dad!!!!! hahahhaha I thought ok I don't care! But because I was woken up and could not fall back asleep I thought what the hell I will check it out! I go inside and lo and behold there he is sitting in a booth eating breakfast at Denny's. The funny part was when he got up to leave and my mom says that's it give me your camera, and proceeds to run outside and have this Mexican family who was taking pictures with him take one of him and her together. My dad and I sat inside the Denny's watching out the window screaming with laughter, I was crying it was so funny.

We arrived at the salt with no problems and began to have a really good time. The first few days were really cold in the morning and never got extremely hot which is very unusual. The third day through the last day made up for the cool because it was really unbearably hot hot hot.

Everyday we did the same thing. The typical day would start with us waking up really early, heading out to the salt, getting the car ready, running the car, not going as fast as we want, fixing the car, running again, and finally going back to the hotel to drink and have dinner. We had this same schedule everyday till Wednesday rolled around.

Wednesday was different because we broke our record! The record we were trying to break was our own and that was set the year before at 266mph. On Wednesday Dennis our driver and the rest of the team made the car go 271 at the 5 mile and 273 at the exit.

We were all super excited and we took the car straight to impound and then we started to celebrate with beer. That night we went to the banquet to honor Dennis getting into the 200mph club and the next morning after what I call a short nap we got up at 5am to pack the car and go out to the salt for the back up run. This morning Thursday, we watched Dennis drive 275mph in the 5 mile and 276 exit speed. Man was everyone happy! There was a lot of honking and jumping and screaming! Team 777 now holds the record at 273.393 Grandpa fixed it to go fast!

At night at the nugget

a cold day

what is wrong?

Where we ate dinner

The salt gets everywhere and I hate the way it feels on my feet

Fats and my dad

Awesome sun rise

at the start line

getting ready to push off

Ed's Car



Below Our car going into impound

Below the Banquet

It was impossible to get a good pic of the 3 of us all because of bad photographers

Below the Sunrise this morning before the back up run

After we set the new record

The trip was a success and we all had a really fun time.
In the days to come I will have some more posts with some more pictures that my mom took and some of the videos! Good Night!


Lacey said...

yay how exciting that they broke the record! everyone could leave happy haha. that is such an awesome picture of your mom and MJ's dad, oh man I love it! looks like a good trip =)

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