Sunday, August 16, 2009

Car Clean up!

Saturday morning my mom and my dad and I all drove down to my Grandpa's shop to help clean up the car and unload everything. Again we showed up a little late so the majority of the work was already done. After the work we all went out to lunch. I am really going to miss these guys!

Last night we had a few neighbors over for pizza and drinks to catch up and say good bye.
Today I am going out to lunch with Kelly to say goodbye one last time before I leave tomorrow for NZ.
What I will be missing
  • family and friends
  • endless parties
  • warm weather
  • organization
  • bargain shopping
  • good food

What I will be gaining

  • my love
  • my friends in NZ
  • traveling
  • good music and night life
  • a new job hopefully
  • clean air and clear sky and green grass


beeswax said...

What I will be missing:

My daughter,
constant laughter,
my good buddy,
my eating buddy,
my shopping buddy.

See you in October, I love you.

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