Sunday, August 23, 2009

Cold bbbbrrrrrr

Today it is really cold! I am freezing! Anyways today I painted and painted and painted. I did three water colors that all turned out really good and I have decided that I will make some prints of them and sell them! I know you all want one! I am not going to post pictures of them because I want to make the prints first but if you are into racing and especially Bonneville racing then you will like it.
Besides the painting I also called 2 places for jobs and the first one the lady repeated my phone number wrong and when I repeated it again the right way she said ok, so who knows if I will get a call back from that. The second place I called said they were closed today and to call back tomorrow but on further investigation I realized that they are about 25 min away from here and I don't have a car. Oh well, I want a job but those two weren't anything special. I'd rather wait and look for a job that I really really want and like rather then take some crap job just to make minimum wage and have to quit cause I don't like it. And as my history shows if I don't like a job I am immediately looking for another one.

Tomorrow I draw and visit Sybilla ! yay!


beeswax said...

Tell Rebecca and Sybilla hi from me. I'll bet Sybilla will be happy to see you. The paintings are super, good going artist girl.
Love, MOM

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