Saturday, August 22, 2009

Everyday life

This morning we drove out to see Mel, Craig, and to meet Ruby. Ruby is such a cute baby! I don't think she liked me right off the bat because when I held her she started crying, maybe it was my American accent she wasn't use to, but anyways she is just so cute. About half way through the visit she took a little nap while we all chatted away. It was good meeting her and visiting with Craig and Mel again.
After our visit Grant and I went by an art store where I got some paper I needed and he got some expensive paint, if my calculations are right he should charge thousands for each painting he does. When we got home I put all my clothes that were in my suitcase still into one set of drawers that were given to us by one of Grants friends.
Which brings me to yesterday where we spent the majority of the day driving around looking for drawers, I don't think Grant was happy about the drawer search especially when we couldn't find anything. Oh well my answer to that is too bad, I can't live with piles of clothes surrounding me I will go crazy. Later last night we ended up going to a friends house to watch the Rugby game and I fell asleep on the couch while trying to watch and slept through the whole thing! How Rude. I really don't think I am adjusted to the time yet, and when we got home I got really home sick and started crying. I think it is going to take a while for me to get adjusted to living with someone and to being away from my family and friends.

How cute is Ruby?

Here she is taking her nap

Looking very relaxed

Here are the drawers that I am so very happy and thankful to have.

not in the best shape but better then having clothes everywhere.
Who knows what tomorrow will bring.


Mel said...

It was great catching up with you today. teRuby only cried because she was tired. Thank you so much for the clothes!! I can't wait til she fits them, she is going to be like a real live doll we can play dress-ups with :) Great photos too.
Take care and we will catch up again properly soon!!


beeswax said...

That dresser/drawers is beautiful and I'm sure it's stuffed with your treasures.
Ruby is so very cute, love those eyes, she is a doll. I'm glad you were able to visit with Mel and Craig, you need good friends there to fill in for all the goof-balls you left here.
If you were here, you would be bored and ready to leave, so enjoy your new life.
Love to all, Kathy/MOM

Anonymous said...

Thank God you finally got some drawers. There's nothing worse than a girl without drawers!

Love ya'...


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