Thursday, August 20, 2009

Its Friday!

Today is Friday and I am really excited about the weekend. I have nothing planned but my goal is to find some drawers and some organizational stuff for this room. Also tonight Alina and Tom are going to come to dinner and Alina is going to teach me how to take the bus. I have decided to make spaghetti yum yum. Last night I mentioned something about drawers to Grant and he said you are funny, you woke up talking about drawers and now you are going to sleep talking about drawers.

Anyways last night for dinner Grant made us fajitas and although they were really spicy they were also delicious. Yesterday I did everything on my list of stuff to do; I walked up the street to donate some of my clothes to the good will, I started a painting (that I intend to finish today), I organized a few more things in our room, and I applied for a few jobs on the Internet.

This morning so far I have talked to my mom, cleaned the bathroom sink and kitchen sink, and I am now going to walk up to the Warehouse (similar to a target). The one thing I need to keep in mind while shopping is only buy what you can carry because I am walking lol! Imagine if I forgot that and bought drawers hahahha.


beeswax said...

Kick Ass Girl!!
Get-er done, tighten-it-up, and all that jazz.
It sounds like you won't be bored. Say hi to Alina for me. Have some good spaghetti, yum.
Love you, MOM

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