Monday, August 31, 2009

More of the same ol

Today was more of the same old thing. I stayed home all day but I got a lot done. I finished a drawing that I had just started yesterday and I did all of my laundry! Woo hoo! The drawing is a secret for now but I am starting a new one tomorrow and when that is done I will post both drawings and it will all make sense.

Below is a picture of Grants latest painting that he just made that frame for. He made a frame for my painting too but I didn't get a picture of that yet.

Below is Grant just home from work. Looking dirty!

To do list for tomorrow
  1. Start new drawing
  2. work out (which will involve walking to the store and getting veggies I want) we can't afford to do actual large shopping trip and we have plenty of can food.
  3. try to locate printer or copy place
  4. check out back house
  5. go to dinner at Grant's Dad's house

oh yeah and Grant got us this huge mirror from a place he is working at. I thought it would be like a large framed mirror so I said yeah bring it home, turns out it is a large mirror that should be hanging in a dance studio, its enormous. Anyways so it is in the garage but if we get our own place it can hang it on a wall and fool everyone into thinking we live in a large area hhahahha.


Lacey said...

I love your updates about your new life! It's fun to see you guys and trying to make things work out with what you have right now. It is all something that will be fun to look back at one day and remember. Definitely keep the giant mirror, I have learned they are expensive haha

beeswax said...

Aww - look at Grant. What a hard working man, coming home to his gal after a hard day. And, so talented, making that picture frame. I'd say "Keep Him".
Love, MOM

Anonymous said...

Have you thought about selling your art on Trade Me? The mirror sounds soooo good! I have to stand on the toilet seat to see my bottom half :)


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