Tuesday, August 25, 2009

A Nice Visit

Today I woke up really early with Grant so I could drive him to his bosses house. He is working on a small close Island until Friday which means I get the car. I also don't get to see him for a few days=( I think I will be ok. I am not totally alone I have roommates now.
After I dropped him off I came home and did the 30 day shred work out, worked on a painting, had lunch, then visited Sybilla and Rebecca.

Sybilla is so much bigger and older it is hard to believe. I know it has only been three months but she is like a big kid now. She talks and understands what your saying, but thankfully she still likes to dance and go through purses. It was really good seeing her and getting to catch up.

Here she is talking on my brush like its a phone, so cute!

I was lucky to catch the tail end of her dancing!
Tomorrow the plan is to shop for a few things I want/need and to paint and draw some more!
Oh yeah, it rained today and the weather wasn't the nicest, I guess it's back to the Auckland I remember so well.


beeswax said...

It's really hot here, expecting in the 100's by the end of the week. Sybilla is a doll.

Lacey said...

how cute, she is such a big girl! can't wait to see your new artwork

Shannon Olson said...

you guys are lucky its hot cause here it is storming and cold!

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