Saturday, August 29, 2009

A Question?

Here is a question for everyone who reads this.
Do you ever feel weird? (this will be a run on sentence) Weird, like, you are tired but can't sleep because you just woke up and you feel like you need to run or jump in place but just ate so if you do that you might throw up and like your going to cry but really aren't sad about anything more like you could scream and every time you do something you have 5 people making comments about it so you want to just hide alone somewhere but then feel as though you should be doing something productive? I feel like I am losing my mind! Awwwwwwwwwwww

I am also having all these weird dreams! I had a dream last night that I was in Vegas with Kelly and 5 of her friends and Grant and we were all sitting at this table and she says that she is getting married and that she wants me to be a brides maid and that her wedding will be this year in Hawaii but she is not sure when and I just sat there and silently freaked out cause I don't have the money to go do any of that stuff what does that dream mean?
Also something that is weird is yesterday I thought of 2 of my friends that I rarely talk to and that very night I got an e-mail from both of them!

Write me a comment and let me know if you ever feel like I do or if you would like to interpret my dream?


Anonymous said...

Well, I think your mind is doing overtime while you are sleeping!! You have made some big changes in your life, you probably have doubts somedays and on others you don't. Give yourself time and don't put any pressure on yourself. I had some pretty weird days and feelings after I moved to Auckland. Big thing is being happy at home!! hard, after your comments in the last post. As long as you and Grant can talk you will be fine :) It will all work out just fine!! Or maybe it's just the rain today!

I'm pretty sure you are just going through the stages of adapting to a new life:)

Take care :)


Lacey said...

i think all the changes in your life are making you crazy haha. you probably just need to settle in with a routine and maybe you will feel better. don't worry were all weird!

beeswax said...

What? That's the way I feel ever day. It must be hereditary.

No really, like the girls above said, you are just not settled. It's natural to want to be settled at your age, you know, the nesting thing. You probably would like to have some security and see that your friends are settling down. So make your nest, decorate it, find a job, get secure. Just don't expect it all to happen in one week.

Remember what I told you... don't get nuts, take some time to adjust.

You will be fine - don't worry.
We all love you, MOM

Shannon Olson said...

Thanks everyone that makes me feel better. I think I do just need to adjust.

A to Z said...

Guess who felt exactly like you feeling now just a few months ago?
One thing - if your relationship is cheese, this house is a broken fridge that will start a mold, if your relationship is Titanic, this house is a big fat iceberg, if your relationship is a capitalist utopia, this house is communist
revolution ...I think you got me...cheese example demonstrates whole thing the best.
I know how you feel and I am still blaming that environment for some misery in my past. Try to detach yourself from it, build your own life, good luck and remember about

beeswax said...


You never smelled like Cheese to me. Good analogy. Shannon your fridge is broken, your cheese is going to stink.


Karen Raffa said...

Carl Jung Theory on dreams is that you are the subject in the are the girl getting married in Hawaii ...

as for the Crazy feeling...we have all felt that way a few times in our are not 'where' you want to be and you are jumping inside and want to fix all of it RIGHT NOW!....All things will come in time. Pray and listen and you find your way. YOU are doing great...we love you!

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