Thursday, August 27, 2009

Yay its Friday!

I am happy that today is Friday just like I was last week. When I talked to Grant this morning on the phone I asked what time I will be picking him up from work and he suggested that we go out to dinner. If we do go out that will be the first time I have gone out since being back in NZ. We are trying to save money by eating and drinking at home.
This morning I drove out to Mel's and got my hair cut or I should say trimmed because I am trying to grow it out. I would guess to the untrained eye it probably looks exactly the same but I can tell its been trimmed and it looks and feels great! I have decided that when this shampoo and rinse that I am using runs out that I need to invest in better products. When I was home I loved the way my hair felt cause we were using better products and the shampoo I am using here makes my hair feel greasy.
On a side note I called my mom on skype and she wasn't there which is abnormal for a week day, so I called her cell phone and guess where she was? At her friends house in OC and is going to have to stay the night because they had 2 margaritas for 5 dollars each and they were so strong and good that she said she can't drive home! I am jealous, sounds like a really good time!

Here is Ruby again, Looking as cute as ever!
PS The picture uploaded sideways and I turned it the right way and it uploaded wrong again!
SO Ruby looks like she is trying to stand or something.
And here is my hair cut or trim.
Looking forward to going out tonight or at least seeing Grant since I haven't seen him all week.


Mel said...

It was great catching up with you again today Shannon. It was so nice to see Ruby give you a smile instead of tears today! Keep in touch, it's real nice having a good ol girly chat!!
Take care


Lacey said...

your hair looks so cute! It looks really straight. oh man that pizza you made looks SOOO good!! hope you and grant got to go out =)

beeswax said...

Your hair looks cute, great job Mel. I hope you went out and had fun last night. I know I did.
Love, MOM

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