Friday, September 18, 2009

A day in my Life

Most of you know what a day in my life looks like because you have been reading this for a year but here is what most of my days have been looking like lately. The night time was a different story.
I wake up, make breafast, then bring it in my room and eat while I read and reply to my emails and talk to my mom brain storming about art ideas. I then sized some art pictures and printed them out with my New Printer!

After I did my "office work" I walked to the store(because i don't have a car) and bought some cake mix for Alina's birthday party last night. Walking to the store killed 2 birds with one stone, exercise and getting what I need.

Once home I made the cake and had lunch.

There it is baking away oh yeah I am there too.

After all the food I worked on an art project and then got ready for Alina's birthday dinner. Grant came home around 5pm and we told the roommates that we were moving out! Take that hahahaha Anyways they were semi shocked I think they really thought Grant would never want to move out and that I would just leave or something ahhaha funny! Anyways imediately they were like I guess we are going to have to advertise to have some one move in, only hot girls, in thier dreams. If they can't get any girls to even talk to them how would they convince one to live here hahaha. Grant jokingly said yeah you could find a hot girl and then pay her to move in ahaha good one.
Around 8pm we were off to meet Alina at a restaurant in Ponsonby called BolliWood(indian food).

Alina looking very nice! And what a great idea she had, after dinner for fun she had bought some mustaches for everyone to wear from the dollar store. Grant won for keeping his on the longest he wore it to the bar we went to after dinner too hahahah.

Mr. Mustache I think it looks pretty good really!

Mine on the other hand does not look good hahahha.

Then there's this look

Tom and I

Grant and Rina

Dancing at the Bar Crib

Shake it don't break it

Not really sure what was going on here but it looks pretty crazy!

The night ended with us going home around 12 or 1am and having a discussion in the car about how the roommates reacted to us moving out and how it will all work out just fine.
At this point it felt like the night was over but it wasn't complete until we came up stairs and thinking that this one roommate had gone out and left his light on (Grant the official turn the lights off guy)Grant went in the room to quickly flip the light off and was shocked to see the roommate and a "guest(girl)" in the room in a very compromising situation. Next thing I know Grant comes in our room beet red laughing with the most embarrassed look on his face and tells me what happened. I was laughing so hard. Grant said "next time his light is on I think I am just going to leave it!" I am laughing right now just thinking of the whole story!
Saturday Morning (today):
Wake up, Grant has to move his car to let the roommate out that had the guest over and he tells me I don't want to go out there its so embarrasing hahahahhaha! Grant went to work and I am working on art.


beeswax said...

What is on your nose? the picture right under "dancing at the bar" look upclose, looks like a couple of gold rings.
I'll just send you a picture of me since the Skype video doesn't work anymore.
Love, MOM

Shannon Olson said...

there is nothing on my nose that is the light on the wall behind me. Anyways the question earlier about where does your day go can be answered. half of it was spent trying to figure out why your camera won't work. miss seeing your crazy face love you

Anonymous said...

Grant's mo looks real, watch out mo-vember isn't far away!


Lacey said...

oh my god Grant and that stash has me laughing so hard. He wears it as if it's not even there. Ron Burgundy hahah.

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