Thursday, September 3, 2009

Its a trash bag stand off!

Its weird how one day can have good parts and bad parts, that is one reason why I don't know how some people can say, that was a good year or that was a bad year? I really have a hard time even thinking in years hahaha I tend to only remember good times and bad times tend to turn into a lesson or joke later on.

Anyways today was great because Rebecca called me and said that one of her friends is looking for a receptionist, so I have an interview for tomorrow. I hope it goes well I will tell you about the job if I get it. If I don't get it then it wasn't meant to be.

Here is a picture of a grapefruit that Mel gave me
They look different then our USA Grapefruits but they taste the same! I have eaten all of them.

From the pretty fruit to the ugly trash! Here in Northcote you have to buy certain trash bags and that is all the trash men will pick up. When I told Grant we should get some he said no way because he is the only one who ever buys them and he wants to see how long it goes! Well its pretty rediculous if you ask me, I feel like I live in the college dorms all over again. This is just one more reason on top of the other 100 that we need to move out! Soon!

Below are two options that I was thinking of wearing for my interview and I decided on the all black because the white is see through and I don't have a tank top that works to wear under it.

The good part of the day is the fruit, the interview, and the shepherds pie that Krocket's friend made us. The bad part of the day I won't talk about =) See I already forgot about it!


Anonymous said...


Good luck on your interview. Let's hope it's a good job and that you get it.

I'll keep my fingers crossed.

Love ya'...


Anonymous said...

Good luck with the interview!!
The all black outfit is definately a winner. Pleasede you ate the grapefruit!!


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