Friday, September 11, 2009

Moving Furniture on a rainy day!

Last night when Grant got home from work he asked me if I wanted to go to the pub to meet a few friends, my response was hell yeah! After sitting in the house all day I was excited to do anything. We ended up going and meeting the same 5 friends that we always hang out with but who cares I was happy to be out and having a glass of wine.

For dinner we went by the kabob shop and by the store for more wine. There was a sale on the wine that we always drink sooo we bought 3 bottles! Now we are set for a while in the wine department.

This morning Grant went to work again, even though it is Saturday! I am really proud of him, if I had a job I would go to work too. But I don't have a job and guess what I have done the majority of the day? Looked on online for design ideas for our bedroom and living room! Because I have decided that we have to move out even if it is into a place with other roommates.

I came to this conclusion last night when one of our roommates was being a dick again, when I was forced again to watch a TV program that I didn't like, and again this morning when Grant and I had just made breakfast and as we were sitting down to eat he showed up again to start up yet another disgusting discussion about some gross subject! I said that its time to grow up you are on your way to being 30! Grant replied with I can't grow much bigger, and I replied with mentally grow up!

We are going to check out a place on Monday that I really hope works out! It is with roommates but we would have our own room, bathroom, and living room.

This is what I did with my time this morning. I moved the ugly drawers next to each other,I stacked my 2 boxes and put that scarf on them and cleared off the bench. It is an improvement but it still feels cramped in here. No plans for tonight, but who knows maybe something to do will pop up!
PS My friend Mel has got me a one off art job yay!


Anonymous said...

When word gets around there's an awesome artist in town, I'm sure there will be lots more art jobs for you! You are so talented!


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