Friday, September 25, 2009

A Productive Saturday Finally!

Today was awesome! It was one of those days where you feel like you actually accomplished something. We woke up and a normal time and after breakfast went to the thrift store and got a microwave for 15 dollars and a couch with a foot stool for 60 dollars! Grants dad got it with us so we could fit it into his truck and we are storing it at his place till we move( I can't wait btw).
We also painted some wood that we are going to use to make some shelves out of.

Around 4pm I went on an interview with a family to be a nanny with, and it feels like it went really well, at least I really liked them! I will have to wait and find out through the agency. After that I went to the Market that I really like and was use to from last year and got all the stuff I can't get at our super market over here. I am not sure what we will do the rest of the night but I don't even really care because we got so much done today!

Last night was Dave's birthday so we went to a local bar and had a few drinks (i had water, and am proud of myself). Later we all came back to our bar at the house and had a few drinks and apparently it got crazy, but thankfully I went to bed so I didn't have to be part of any of it.


Anonymous said...

It looks like things are really coming together for you. I have good "vibes" about your nanny interview, and your recent artwork is some of the best you've ever done. Keep things going in the direction you're headed, and by the time your mother and I get there next month you'll be all settled in and ready to spend some quality time with us.

Love ya'...


Anonymous said...

The portraits of the 2 boys you did for our friend last week was the best pressie we could have given him. He had tears in his eyes and everyone thought first off, that it was a black and white photo, they were amazed with how much 'life' you captured in the boys eyes. They can't wait to meet you at Craigs Party. Thank you so much Shannon!!!


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