Friday, September 4, 2009

Public Transport!

The interview went really well! Greg came to my place and we talked about all my art ideas and I gave him some information about myself and what I am trying to do. When the interview was over I took advantage of the fact that I had Grant's car (he left me the night before to go snow boarding for the day) and I went and got a printer! Woo Hoo now I can do all my art and not have to run around looking for places to print things.

When Grant got home we went out to the local pub for a beer and snack. I was happy we got to spend some time together even if we were both tired and it was so loud in there we couldn't even talk!

Happy to be out of the house!

I have been looking for places for us to move to and I contacted a lady to see a three bedroom place in Takapuna and she said ok how about at 12. I said no problem because it was 9am. Well I don't have a car and Grant is working today so I thought it can't be that hard to get a bus. Boy was I wrong! It was easy getting to the main town but then I had to catch another bus to get closer to the house then I had to walk all the way to the house from the bus stop and had to walk all the way back when the meeting was over.
The house was complete shit! the rooms were small and the kitchen was awful and the bathroom was worse and the whole place smelled like smoke and cat pee! Yikes I think finding a place will be harder then I thought! SO I walked all the way back from there and caught a bus home! It was a lot of walking probably 4 miles all together, but at least it is a beautiful day!

Here I am walking down the street wondering why I decided to wear a sweater and bring my jacket? Was it not freezing when I left the house now its hot, I can never win hahhaha! I just think of the whole thing as free exercise!
We have another house to look at tomorrow and I hope its a lot better!
Now its time to sit in the sun and relax and possibly figure out my new printer!


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