Thursday, September 24, 2009

The Rainy Interview

First things first, I can't believe I didn't do a blog last night! Before I ate dinner I thought I have to do my blog and then I made dinner and ate and totally forgot!

Anyways, yesterday I caught the bus around noon into the city and because I was so early I looked in a few stores before I caught the next bus to Parnell (interview location).
I again arrived to Parnell extremely early too so I did the only thing I could think of which was get a coffee and sit and read my book for about 45 minutes.

The interview went really well. Mainly just filling out forms and telling them what kind of families that I would like to work with. There are about three different families that they are going to get me interviews with and we will see how we like each other and whether it will work or not.

After my interview the lady said good luck in the rain and I came out of the building to see that is was pouring rain! Thank god I had an umbrella but even with that it wasn't much help its not like I could just get in my car. I then caught the 2 buses back home and I was super frustrated when I couldn't figure out where to catch the second bus and I didn't have a map so I was aimlessly walking around the city looking for the bus stop and finally ended up just getting on one that came close to my house and ended up walking about 3k in the rain from the bus stop home! Lets just say my pants absorbed water all the way up to my knees.

After this trip I have decided that I must have a car! By the time I walk to where I am going and get buses and walk back I am so tired that there would be no way that I could put out that much effort and also have a job.
When home I made us some dinner and guess what came crawling along my shoulder when trying to relax? A huge spider! I hate spiders and they are always getting on me. I jumped up knocked him off took off my shirt and screamed! Guess what Grant did? he looked up at me and started laughing and said what are you doing? I said spider spider pointing and he smashed it with his hand. From that point on I felt like they were crawling all over me and I was sorta crying cause I knew what would happen! Grant said you need to control your mind and I could tell he was getting irritated at me. What I thought would happen did I had nightmares all night that they were falling on me and crawling on me. At one point during the night I sat up and took my shirt off and I think it was in my sleep.
This morning when I woke up I said I had a lot of bad dreams and Grant said I know you were kicking and jerking all over the place. Its not like I can help this!

I hope I don't have anymore spider encounters today.
Note to Lacey: Tell Dean that I hope he recovers quickly and feels better!


Anonymous said...

I am absolutely terrified of spiders, Craig had to come upstairs this morning and rescue me from a big hairy one in the bathroom! You are not alone in your fears!!


beeswax said...

I tried to remove/kill so many spiders today in the patio. I sprayed them with wasp spray, but the spray nozzle didn't work right, and I got covered with wet bug spray. Pissed me off! I tried to use the shop-vac - didn't work, then the long broom you hook up to the hose to wash the car, I got soaked, because I was using it overhead. Finally I got out the dust head with the really long extended handle. I knocked down most of the webs and the spiders went running when they hit the ground. I was smashing them with my broom. I wonder if the neighbors peek out their windows to watch the freek show next door.
Love, MOM

Lacey said...

oh my gosh I totally feel you on the spiders. Things like that always give me nightmares, which are sometimes worse than the real spiders! Glad to hear about the interview, good luck. I hope you get a car soon, I cant imagine the hikes you go the rain, ugh crazy! But I sure am jealous of your beautiful rainy weather. Thanks, Dean is doing way better today, really he was fine about it, I just freak out of course.

btw Kathy, next time you are out back killing your spiders call me over, Id love to watch that haha.

Anna said...

Don't kill spiders! I've finally been catching up on the blog! Hope you're adapting the best you can. Did you interview with KiwiOz Nannies?

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