Saturday, September 19, 2009

Saturday where have you gone?

All day yesterday I was so super tired so really nothing got done but I guess that is what Saturdays are for. Around 6pm we went to a 30th birthday party and really partied hard, which means all day today so far we have done nothing but hang out and recover. Soon we will go shopping.
I had a great time until about midnight when the balls of my feet went from being uncomfortable in my boots to being down right painful. So pain full that I had to sit down and then I had to take the boots off and then we had to leave. I literally could not even walk! I was bare foot from the bar to the cab to the house. It felt like my feet were on fire.

Someone had these cool glasses that we all decided to take turns wearing. This morning I thought its too bad I didn't take any pictures and then I open my camera and what do I find out? I did take pictures just to drunk to remember I guess hahahahh


I guess we are all just nerds at heart!


Blasé said...

May I suggest Dr. Shoals!

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