Sunday, September 27, 2009

Sorry I have not been blogging as much as normal but I keep forgetting to take pictures and I feel like a blog with out them is sometimes really boring.
Saturday night we just hung out at home to save money and because we were just plain tired.
Sunday morning I woke up to the roommate who is always in a bad mood, bitching about the kitchen being a mess. I got really upset and Grant said that he would have said it to whoever walked in that kitchen at that moment. In my opinion I am the only one who always picks up after them selves and cleans their dishes so him blowing up at me was wrong.
I have decided that he is not only someone that I don't want to live with but some one that I don't want to talk to so if he talks to me I am going to ignore ignore ignore! I also know that doing that pisses people off and especially people like him! Grant made the comment that it should make me feel better that when we move out that they will each be paying double what they pay now to cover our room being empty and that they will have to buy everything that Grant shares in the house that we are taking with us and guess what it does make me feel better.

After the giant Oscar the grouch blow up we went to the mall and got Grant some shoes (he only had one pair before and they were falling apart). We also went to our new flat and saw the car that I have decided to buy( it is pretty shitty but also cheap and economical) and measured some more walls hahhaha. Alex our new flatmate said you guys sure do a lot of measuring hahah and he offered us a beer and we all stood around and chatted for a while.

Below is a sketch of the wardrobe that Grant is making us

Today I dropped Grant off at his bosses house because he is working on the island today and tomorrow so I get his car for 2 whole days yay.
Because it is raining it is the perfect day to do art.


beeswax said...

The drawing makes it look like you have 3 rooms?? is the shelving in your bedroom - oh I get it, it's upsite down and stands, I see.
Best to stay away from grouchy people, they don't even like themselves.

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