Wednesday, September 2, 2009

The Wheels on the Bus Go Round and Round...

Walking down to get the bus was easy, waiting for the bus was easy, riding the bus was easy, and getting off the bus was easy! As I was riding on the bus I was thinking man I wish I had one of those big red easy buttons to push. THAT WAS EASY!
Once I arrived in town I met up with Alina and that is when all the walking started. We probably walked about 5 miles; from town up 3 huge flights of stairs, stopped to shop in a few stores, to lunch and then back to her place. Thankfully Grant swung by to get me after he got off work so I didn't have to take the bus all the way home. Although he was driving so crazy on the way home I told him I would have been safer taking the bus!

Above is the bus I rode

Alina and I at lunch
The wind is why my hair looks so wild, very windy
P.S. The outfit I was wearing was really cute until I saw the full body pic that Alina took of me and realized that the stupid pink sweater I was wearing over is way too big and out of shape and made the whole thing look like crap! I am going to try to shrink the sweater in the wash and if that doesn't work then I will only wear it around the house!


beeswax said...

Stop being so critical of youself!!
Love, MOM

Shannon Olson said...

I am not being critical, you didn't see the picture! The sweater is out!

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