Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Art, Car, Cafe

Yesterday I worked on a drawing of Art Chrisman, met someone for an interview(which didn't work out), washed my new(to me) car, and we ended up going out to dinner to the Mexican Cafe with Matt and his date.

This morning I got up early and finished the drawing of Art and am now thinking of starting a new drawing and possibly going to the post office to send all the drawings home to my family.
Below are some photos of my ooooolllllddddd car 1992 Toyota Starlet.

Below is the drawing of Art Chrisman

Below is us at the Mexican Cafe
This is not the best picture but I thought I should show everyone that we look the same hahahaa. Oh yeah and I am sure the fake plant behind Grant looks familiar because they always sit us in this corner.


Lacey said...

hey, at least you have a car now thats all that matters! =) that picture is great, im so jealous of your talent!

Anonymous said...

A Starlet is perfect for a city-run-about! It will be cheap to run too :) Much easier to park than the big American tanks we drive :)


Anonymous said...

Hey Kiddo,

Any car that gets you from point A to point B is a good car. The drawing of Art is A-1+. You're on a roll. Keep it up. Now that you've got mobility, life is going to change very much for the better.

Love ya'...


beeswax said...

When you get bored, you can paint a mural on the hood of your car. It's better than the bus. Grant has sure come a long way with the "Smile" for the pictures. He had to get over his camera shyness if he was going to be with you. Love, MOM

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