Saturday, October 3, 2009

Fight Night

Soooo everything that I wrote in my last blog went a little differently! I went to Devonport and walked around had a great time by myself. I got some silverware for when we move out and some containers and then I looked in some shops and galleries and got a subway sandwich then I thought oh what a nice time I think I will head home now and work out and draw before everyone comes over to watch the fight.

I get in my car and go to start it and the battery is dead! Because I was not thinking and left the lights on ( in my defense it was raining when I turned them on and then it stopped and was bright and my car doesn't make any noise if you leave them on). Lets just say instead of going home I sat at a coffee shop for 2 hours reading before Grant came to help me because he was working. I didn't mind, but it just changed my plans. When we went to jump my car guess what happened it started!!!!!!!!!! What a huge pain in the Ass/waste of time!

Around 7pm we had people over to watch the Shane Cameron vs. David Tua fight that we ordered on cable and there were problems with that to but in the end it all worked out. We ended up having way too much to drink and the night ended with someone in particular getting sick (it wasn't me).
This morning when we woke up the last thing I was thinking about was playing water polo or swimming, I could barley stand up, so the whole day has been spent recovering.
Below is a gallery in Devonport

The coffee I drank while waiting for my rescue

me looking like a mess(I was planning on working out)

Grant drunk channeling get smart (jandal phone) Hello? Cable man please put the fight back on?
Tomorrow I am swimming in the morning and after is my training for my new nanny job! So excited!


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