Thursday, October 1, 2009

Great Great News

Yesterday afternoon I got a call from the nanny agency saying that I got one of the jobs that I interviewed for. Woo Hoo I am so happy! Now I no longer have to sit at home in fear of spending money. I realized after a few weeks of being here that it was impossible for me to leave the house with out spending money! If I even went some where I had to take the bus and that would be 8 dollars easy and if I did anything (ate, movie,want water) I spent more money hahaha.
Now I can do what I want and not be stressed that my savings is disappearing and I am actually excited to be working. The family that is hiring me is really nice and their kids are super cute! They told me the older one 4yrs loves to paint and draw, so I am going to come up with tons of fun projects for us to do.
Plan meet new people and work out is also starting today! In about 20 min I am going to go to a swim class that is around the corner and later tonight I am meeting Alina and we are going to Yoga class! yay!


beeswax said...

Hot-diggity-dog! Life is good in NZ for Shannon.
I'm happy for you.
Love, MOM

Anonymous said...

Well done! It's all coming together for you Shannon, you sound sooooo happy :)


Lacey said...

awesome news =)

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