Thursday, October 15, 2009

Half Week Catch Up!

Tuesday I worked my first full day at the new nanny job and by the time it was over I was exhausted and ready to go to bed. When I got home Grant was there putting together our wardrobe we didn't end up eating dinner till about 930pn and we had MC Donald's because we haven't really shopped and we are not organized for cooking yet and it is the only place open that late.

Wednesday started very early! We still got stuck in traffic, I have to leave 45 min early to get to my job on time. Here I am behind Grant we leave at the same exact time and follow each other hahhah so funny!

His back light is out!
Wednesday happened to be the nanny day from hell! The little girl I watch is having a stomach problem which makes her keep having bathroom accidents! She was crying for at least 2 hours I kept saying that its no big deal it happens to everyone but there was no consoling her, so she cried, not much I could do. Below is a pic of the park the little boy and I went and played at while the girl was in kindy.

When home Wednesday night I thought maybe I can't handle nannying with these kids but after a lot of thinking I have decided that I will stick it out and see how it goes maybe it was just an off week for her? I will give it 2 more weeks and if she is as bad as this last day then I might have to say its not going to work. PS the boy is easy breezy!

Thursday Morning

Thursday morning and all day it rained so Grant had off work! Yay! That meant that we were able to organize tons of stuff at our place. We filled the wardrobe then we took off to shop for stuff we needed for the place. We got material for a curtain that I sewed to cover our clothes in the wardrobe and we got an already made curtain for the window in the living room and we set up our tv and moved some furniture.
Here I am sewing! I look so tiny from Grants tall view hahhaha!
In other news the hair place that I interviewed with called me and I am going to possibly start working there part time also!
Today is Friday and so far I have done my swim class and cleaned up a little and done laundry!
We are way behind in a lot of stuff because of the move, but hopefully I can catch us up today on my day off. I start the hair place tomorrow!


Lacey said...

the wardobe turned out really cool! i need some shelves like that. good luck with the kids!

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