Monday, October 12, 2009

A Hectic Day

This morning I went to my swim class and shopping for groceries. At 1pm I went to my job training which went really well! We went for a walk and played at the house. Tomorrow will be my first full day of nannying and I am sure it will go great. We will be going to a play group in the morning and then maybe the park if its not raining.

Right now Grant is building our wardrobe and so far so good! We have to do something because we have nothing to organize all our junk. I am in the room writing this and figuring out tomorrow.


Anna said...

Fancy phone you got there! =) Congrats on the move! Hope all is well!

Shannon Olson said...

It is a great phone and That is because it use to be yours! Yay If I ever get enough money saved I am buying a new one and you can have this one back when you come!

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