Sunday, October 18, 2009

Merry Monday

This morning I went to my swim class and came home right in time to bring the laundry in before it started pouring rain again hahhaha. It was suppose to be sunny all day I guess they were wrong!

I don't have work today so I have just been organizing our living room and going through some stuff that I haven't had time to do. Like I went through some pictures from the other night at Mel's party and found this video which was a perfect example of Grant entertaining himself and everyone else after the band stopped. Lip singing and air guitar so funny!

Tonight I have a nanny seminar so I won't be home till late and tomorrow my work week starts all over again with Nannying! yikes! And this weekend my parents come to visit yay!


Anonymous said...

Grant was so funny. Isn' it great having a real good blow out every now and then! I bet you can't wait to see your parents :)

Take care,

P.S. congrats on the new job!

beeswax said...

I had such a good laugh watching crazy Grant. He certainly is not shy. See you in a few days. Love you, Mom

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