Friday, October 2, 2009

Moving Prep

This is our last weekend in this ugly green carpet house! Yay!
We just got done having our Saturday morning breakfast and Grant just left to work. He has worked the last 4 Saturdays, I guess he should take the work when he can get it. My major plan this weekend is to try to organize anything that can make our move easier and I think that I might go to Devonport and walk around I am sick of being in this house.

Yesterday I did an hour swim class which I really loved and plan to do every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Later in the evening I met Alina and we walked to a yoga class which was also awesome. By the time we walked to the yoga class at least a mile and a half all up hill I was dying and sweating. Alina said this is good we are already warmed up and I was just thinking it is so like me to start working out and do everything in one day. By the end of the day I had done at least 3 hours of intense workout hahahha. Oh well it was good and made me remember how much I love swimming and doing yoga!

Tonight our roommate Matt invited a bunch of people over here and ordered a fight that is on cable so there will be a semi party. Sunday morning I am thinking about going to a waterpolo group that is from 9 to 11am. My fears are that #1 I will be expected to know how to play and #2 it will be all guys and they will look at me like I am nuts or like they don't want me there hahhaha.
I might just go anyways we will see.


beeswax said...

Go to the waterpolo group. So what if it's all guys. You can be the cheerleader.
Just packing your clothes is monumental! Good luck with that.
No better feeling than to be working out and feeling fit. Keep up the good work (out).
Love Mom

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